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“Reviastudio è fondato su un approccio progettuale specifico per creare un’architettura ideale che sia allo stesso tempo evolutiva e sperimentale, relazionale e consapevole”

Gabriele Firmiano Vitiello (1986) in the 2012 he graduated in double bass master degree at the conservatory of music in Latina, “Ottorino Respighi”. In the 2013, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in ‘Architecture – Construction; technological and environmental design’ at the faculty of architecture of the university of rome ‘La Sapienza’. He obtained ‘with lode’ the master’s degree in ‘energy efficiency and renovable energy souces’ in the 2015 at the faculty of civil engineering. During the master, he developed a biomimetic inspired roofing thanks to the generative algorithm design. In the 2014, he collaborated on teaching and on the architectural construction laboratory research course at the faculty of architecture university of rome ‘La Sapienza’. He is involved in (issues related to the) architectural design and realization, and he endeavors in research related to (issues of) environmental design and technological, and digital research for architecture and design.
Caterina Reccia (1988), in the 2013, obtained a bachelor’s degree in ‘Technological and environmental design’ at the faculty of architecture of the university of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, where she is currently attending a PhD in planning, design and architectural tecnology. Her research is focused on the field of environmetal design and methodological innovation, associated with the biomimetic approach within the European group for the erasmus research development (horizon 2020, ricerca UE) ‘EH-CMap: advanced training on energy efficiency in historic heritage’. Since 2014, she is been working on educational activities in ‘realization-tecnology’ and ‘technical systems and urban renewal (non sono certa di questa traduzione) tecnologies’ laboratories, and in ‘environmental synthesis laboratory’ course. An architect sensitive about environmental issues and a sustainable design, safeguarding the ecosystems.

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